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Altus Junior High School is home to approximately 500 seventh and eighth grade students from Altus and the surrounding areas. We realize that our students arrive with varied interests, talents, backgrounds, and needs.  We strive to encourage intellectual and personal growth, while encouraging each student to pursue individual goals.


The mission of Altus Junior High is to challenge all students to become successful life-long learners and responsible citizens who will make valuable contributions to society.

Junior high school students have moved many times in the early days of the Altus School system.  Historically, Altus' junior high students shared a building with high school students.  For a time, the junior high students attended school in the mornings and the senior high students attended in the afternoons.  In 1920, the junior high students occupied the old high school building where Robert E. Lee school was located.  In 1930, the junior high moved into the vacated down-town building at the corner of Broadway and Grady. As Altus continued to grow, the idea of a junior high school began to develop as a new trend in education.  In 1940, at long last, a new junior high, named Central Junior High School, was constructed. This structure, costing $75,000, was built by WPA labor.  The new building was u-shaped and three blocks in total length. By 1960, the junior high enrollment had grown so rapidly that a second junior high, Northeast, was added. Students from the Altus Air Force Base were bussed here and other students were given the opportunity to choose their junior high.  Southeast Junior High was constructed "out in the country".  It's first class was graduated on May 19, 1966. Today, the former Southeast Junior High is the current home of Altus Junior High School. Northeast Junior High is now the Altus Intermediate School.  Central Junior High has closed.  Both schools have undergone many additions and transformations such as new gyms, band rooms, cafeterias, classroom wings, etc. 

This information comes from Brief History of The Altus Public Schools and Altus Junior College, 1897-1967, by Clifford Peterson.

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