LEO Club

Altus Junior High Leo Club

Sponsor: Shelby Smith

The AJH Leo Club will meet every Wednesday after school. 

What is a LEO? 
A Leo is a young person 12 or over who wants to be an important part of where he or she lives. Leo's make the world and community better and have fun doing it. 

Why are they called LEOS?
Leos stands for:
Leadership: Leo's run their own club
Experience: Leo's do things to help others.
Opportunity: Leo's do help themselves by making friends, playing together, sharing ideas, and projects to help others.

Why should I be a LEO?
LEOs are part of an international organization the LIONS Club.
A LEO has a chance to make new friends around the world, and receive awards for helping others. A LEO is proud of him or herself! 

Are adults involved in LEO Clubs?
Yes, LEO's have an adult Lion as a sponsor and a school faculty sponsor (Mrs. Christian), but the LEO club has its own officers and plans its own activities. 

Does it cost anything to be a LEO?
Yes, there is a $20.00 membership fee.